Fees for Research and Statistical Consulting Statistical Analysis and Measurement Consultants, Inc. 

What are your fees for statistical and research services?

Since each project is different we have to individualize each estimate.  If you send us a brief description of the research, we will respond with a free estimate. 

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Do I have to pay for all research and statistical analysis at once?

No.  We generally bill for research design and setting up the data file first because it is efficient to do both at the same time.  Data analysis is often done later. We work on a retainer system - payment is required in advance before we begin work on each component.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept money orders, checks, or online payments via PayPal (an additional surcharge applies to PayPalPaypal transactions).  Please select Contact SAMC  to request a free estimate.

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Sample Estimate from SAMC, Inc.:

Following is an estimate we gave where there was a relatively small number of research questions (5) and a single data file with a relatively small number of variables (about 20).  Many projects are this size.

RESEARCH DESIGN/DATA ANALYSIS PLAN - Research design recommendations for the proposed design and statistical analysis. We make recommendations to create a quality research proposal.

CONSTRUCTION OF A DATA FILE - We create a data shell and give specific instructions for data entry. Unless you have guidance, this process causes researchers a lot of angst. There is one right way to proceed and an almost infinite number of wrong ways. We know the right way.

ANALYZE THE DATA AND WRITE A SUMMARY OF THE RESULTS - The data are screened for errors, checked to see if the assumptions of a given statistical method have been met, and look for outliers. We run the analysis, explain the statistical output, and indicate whether the hypotheses were supported or not supported by the data in a summary document.

Research Design          =  $360
Setting up the data file    =  $90
Data Analysis/Results    = $495

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What is your hourly rate?

Our hourly rate is $150 for services not specified.

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