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"I do not have a data file and don't know what to do...HELP! " Do you have a data file?  
"Knowledge of workplace safety, which is measured by the Workplace Safety Questionnaire (WSQ). The WSQ is a continuous variable (a high score is more and a low score means less) and ranges from 0-50."

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"I need to see which of the three treatments (video, lecture, self-study) leads to the best score on the WSQ. My main hypothesis is that video and lecture will be higher than self-study."
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"I'm in the planning stage of this research and need help choosing the sample size, methods, and editing my hypotheses.  I plan on applying for a grant."

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If you are an academic researcher, please do not send a series of text attachments via email in place of a summary. We give free estimates, however, it is inefficient for us to spend large amounts of time going through documents to find variables and hypotheses.  Thank you.